It was a bit of a funeral for my fat today in black everything. Got sweaty and worked on technique. Finished off with some 45kg (99lbs) front squats. 

No coach today so I just winged it and did all the things I did on Thursday night.

Damn bae


I’m gonna explain what’s been going on in my life in the past few months. Some of you may have noticed I’ve not been as active in here as I used to be… Well, back in november I fell in a deep depression, it came out of nowhere and for no reason but it really hit me, but I…



it’s annoying because skinny girls never ride for thick or fat girls EVER, never reblog pictures of them or mention shit bout body positivity and uplifting the spirits of thick and fat girls like I never see y’all advocating for curves and extra fat on the thighs or hips or anything but when Nicki goes “Fuck skinny bitches” y’all are suddenly activists for self-image and body positivity? get gone you fakes and liars. Fuck all y’all